Ai Weiwei shuts Danish show in protest at asylum seeker law

 Ai Weiwei

“He had been watching the news during the night and wanted to react. I didn’t try to dissuade him. This is not so much about which country does more or less for refugees, it is the symbolic importance of the new law. This [kind of thing] is spreading over Europe, and we in Denmark are taking the lead in this by making this law.”

Worth noting this story broke on World Holocaust Remembrance Day. My emphasis in that quote is all the more chilling for it.

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The handknitted ‘trauma teddies’ comforting child refugees

Trauma teddy

Marion Gibson first started knitting “trauma teddies” 15 years ago, after she saw firefighters in Australia give cuddly toys to children fleeing bush fires. After seeing how much comfort they gave them she started making gifts for children caught up in hurricanes, conflicts and other disasters around the world. Now, she is doing the same for refugee children. “I think there’s something about a cuddly toy which is very reminiscent of a time when you were safe as a little one”, said Marion, a volunteer for the British Red Cross, one of six charities chosen as beneficiaries of the Guardian and Observer’s refugee appeal.

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