Battle to save historic rail line that heralded the age of science

The opening day in 1830 was portentous. As the inaugural train neared Manchester, the skies turned grey and the crowds hostile. It began to rain. The Duke of Wellington, an opponent of parliamentary reform, was jeered by the city’s politically radicalised workers, who waved tricoleurs and shouted “Remember Peterloo!” Rotten fruit and stones were thrown […]

Metroland, 100 years on: what’s become of England’s original vision of suburbia?

Planners, architects and builders are not the only ones who create cities. The suburban landscape of north-west London owes its existence, largely, to the imagination of the Metropolitan Railway’s marketing department. One hundred years ago, in the summer of 1915, the railway’s publicity people devised the term “Metroland” to describe the catchment area of villages […]