Newspapers face up to the ad crunch in print and digital

The print advertising market, which still remains the lifeblood of income for most publishers on the path to digital sustainability, has been down unprecedented levels of as much as 30% in some weeks over the past six months. Most of the UK’s top 10 newspaper advertisers have stripped their budgets: the biggest, Sky, has cut […]

Rise of ad-blockers shows advertising does not understand mobile, say experts

“The broader problem is, in many ways, that in some cases digital advertising has not put at the forefront the fundamental truth that the user experience is paramount,” Kamaras said. “And no advertising that does not respect the user experience, be it in terms of content, in terms of design and creative, or in terms […]

How to save online advertising

At root is an intrinsically toxic relationship between the three parties to the advertising ecosystem: advertisers, publishers and readers. Advertisers buy publishers’ inventory to sell things to readers, but publishers sell inventory to publishers because they want money, not because they want to help sell products. Readers want to read what the publishers are publishing. […]