Students get new video games course

“We are looking for a new type of artist, who understands science and physics – or at the very least has an understanding of what can be done with hardware and software. It’s very difficult to find staff with the right skills,” Mr Franklin says. His own background is in fine arts and video game […]

16 trends that will define the future of video games

In a talk entitled Killing the “Lucky Indie” Myth: How to Build a Sustainable Micro Studio, Simon Roth of Machine Studios spoke about how another developer rents a desk in his office in Oxford. This is becoming increasingly common as an increasing number of smaller studios set up without the funds to rent their own […]

Nobuo Uematsu: the video game composer shaking up classical music

One of the more than 100 tracks in the Classic FM citation was Aerith’s Theme. Aerith, AKA Aerith Gainsborough, features in Final Fantasy VII, and her music, scored for solo piano, has a tenderness and flowing grace that befits, I guess, a character who is “the last of the ancient race of the Cetra”. Her […]

Syrian Journey: why the BBC is right to make a game about the refugee crisis

“The idea that in the future, news will be played rather than read is quite hard for some people to think about,” she says. “If you look at the history of journalism, whenever a new platform comes online, whether that’s been radio, television or the internet, you’ve had people saying that news could never migrate. […]