Consumers caught out as UK firms furnished with crippling copyright laws

  The website of Voga, Britain’s foremost replica furniture importer, boasts that the firm “was created to make great design accessible to all”, before adding: “The greatest mid-century furniture designs are back where they belong: in your homes.” Except they’re not. They are in fact in a warehouse in County Kildare where, unless the UK […]

A case that will run and run: Duracell and Energizer’s court fight over rabbit mascots

  The Duracell and Energizer bunnies are set to fight it out in court, after a judge ruled that a legal tussle over the right to use a rabbit mascot can proceed. Duracell failed in a bid to dismiss a lawsuit by Energizer, which claims that its rights to use a pink bunny to advertise […]

It must suck to be a designer at Lenovo

Spotted on Twitter. You’d think Lenovo would have followed what happened to Samsung when they pulled this cheap stunt. And it is cheap. You might be an Apple hater but I dare you to defend this as in anyway a positive contribution to design, the user experience, or in any way innovative. Remember when your […]

Trunki v Kiddee: battle over children’s luggage reaches supreme court

Ewan Grist, a specialist intellectual property lawyer at law firm Bird & Bird, said the case was “likely to have profound implications in the design world, whichever way the supreme court rules”. Rob Law, founder of Magmatic, led a #ProtectYourDesign campaign on Twitter to call for a further appeal to the supreme court and promote […]

Anish Kapoor is right to be livid about China stealing his big Bean sculpture

William Hogarth would sympathise with Kapoor. The great 18th-century artist was so frustrated by pirated editions of his prints that he successfully lobbied for a British copyright act, known as Hogarth’s Act. The Engraver’s Copyright Act was repealed by the Copyright Act 1911. The right of artists and authors to not have their work copied […]

You’ve sold 17 million albums and you want to pay me nothing? Pat Pope’s row with Garbage

“Unlike Garbage, I think the work of artists, including my own work, has a value that is at least equal to everything else being done in a commercial project, and I’m not prepared to reduce the value of it to zero by giving it away. “Stop Working For Free. That’s my final word.” Read the […]