Procrastination: arranging McCartney’s ‘Warm and Beautiful’ for women’s choir

‘Warm and Beautiful’ is a classic – but not that well known – song by Paul McCartney that can be found on the 1976 album Wings at the Speed of Sound.

I like it so much I (sort of) taught myself to play it on piano, so that’s doubled my repertoire, Silent Night being the other half.

Anyway, I was supposed to be doing something important recently – a PhD submission – and naturally I decided to do literally anything else instead so tried to arrange the song for choir. As you do.

This is the result – it’s not perfect by any means and I think there are some rookie harmony mistakes in there. But it is what it is. I’m rather proud of the third verse, after the chorus (1 minute 30 seconds in). You can download the score here.

They can sing it at my funeral, which will probably be the result of an accident involving a rather large pile of books I’ve been collecting for the aforementioned PhD.