Sydney Opera House: the designs that didn’t make it (thank god)

The Observer has published some fascinating (and, quite frankly, awful) ideas from the 1950s for the Sydney Opera House that thankfully didn’t get built. The one that did was controversial at the time (and still is) but it’s certainly iconic. I can’t imagine Sydney harbour with any of the monstrosities you can see here. Some […]

Digital fabrication does away with housebuilding headaches

The company calls its method D-Process, a digital manufacturing system focused on efficiency. “It is about moving things from being made by hand to being digitally fabricated to being produced where no human interference has come in there to add that layer of chaos to it,” Bell said. Moving away from the architectural drawings more […]

The quiet revolution in British housing

It is possible, however, for invention to be applied to housing in less favoured places, and for small groups rather than property companies and world-famous institutions to take the lead. Off Granby Street, in Toxteth, Liverpool, are rows of small houses which the local authority has wanted to demolish at least since the 1980s, when […]