Creative young Brits are quitting London for affordable Berlin

The building that houses Agora, tucked away in a small side-street in residential Neukölln, in an old lock-making factory, is easy to ignore. Outside a handful of people in their late twenties and early thirties are milling about, smoking, working on their MacBook Airs, chatting. On the short walk from the front gate to the […]

Russia could ban same-sex emoji under ‘gay propaganda’ laws

Not content with making the country one of the most homophobic places on the planet, Russian authorities are now taking aim at “gay emojis”. According to Izvestia newspaper, the country’s media regulator could ban the characters from social media if an investigation finds they contravene laws intended to prevent gay “propaganda”. The investigation was started […]

Right to be forgotten: Swiss cheese internet, or database of ruin?

Imagine, 25 years ago, someone telling you: we really need to redress this massive social ignorance that, when you meet someone for the first time, you don’t know everything about them. What we ought to do is assemble a giant database. On everyone. Brilliant idea. But there are a couple of provisos, they add. This […]

Mapping the United Swears of America – Strong Language

Hell, damn and bitch are especially popular in the south and southeast. Douche is relatively common in northern states. Bastard is beloved in Maine and New Hampshire, and those states – together with a band across southern Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas – are the areas of particular motherfucker favour. Crap is more popular inland, […]