An insight into The Guardian’s newly released brand guidelines

“When Alex Breuer [The Guardian creative director] and I joined The Guardian just over two years ago we were faced with the task of unifying a myriad of different styling, typographic patterns, colour theory and grammar that through various iterations of The Guardian had weaved itself into the tapestry of our design vernacular,” explains Chris […]

How the Suffragettes used fashion to further the cause

Fashion, feminism and politics has always been heated territory, and the suffragettes knew this. Instead of deploying a strategy of resistance by refusal, they chose resistance through reversal. They sought to effect change not by challenging contemporary fashion and ideals of femininity, but by conforming to them. Haunted by the stereotypical image of the “strong-minded […]

Paddy Power’s ‘Immigrants, jump in the back’ lorry stunt to be censured

At the time, the bookmaker described the stunt as “a bit of fun”. However, a draft ruling from the ASAI, seen by the Guardian but still to be approved by the organisation’s complaints committee, found Paddy Power breached three guidelines connected to offence and diversity. The report says Paddy Power defended the stunt on the […]

Disney is using augmented reality to bring coloring books to life

A Disney Research team has developed technology that projects coloring book characters in 3D while you’re still working on coloring them. The process was detailed in a new paper called “Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings,” and it was presented at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality on September […]

HSN and the power of the TV shopper

“It’s a relatability factor,” Rancic explains. “It’s authenticity. When people tune in and watch me on HSN and I’m talking about my new $59 premium denim, and I’m telling them that I have $200 designer jeans that are exactly like these $59 jeans, they believe me. They trust me because I am who I am […]

Rise of ad-blockers shows advertising does not understand mobile, say experts

“The broader problem is, in many ways, that in some cases digital advertising has not put at the forefront the fundamental truth that the user experience is paramount,” Kamaras said. “And no advertising that does not respect the user experience, be it in terms of content, in terms of design and creative, or in terms […]

Bike lane blues: why don’t businesses want a £30m cycle-friendly upgrade?

As cars stream past on both sides, a pedestrian perches on a tiny traffic island waiting for an opportunity to cross. A cyclist dodges round a 10-tonne lorry, held up by a driver trying to reverse into a tight parking space outside a high-street shop. Angry horns blare. It’s intimidating to be on foot or […]