Anish Kapoor is right to be livid about China stealing his big Bean sculpture

William Hogarth would sympathise with Kapoor. The great 18th-century artist was so frustrated by pirated editions of his prints that he successfully lobbied for a British copyright act, known as Hogarth’s Act. The Engraver’s Copyright Act was repealed by the Copyright Act 1911. The right of artists and authors to not have their work copied […]

Behind the curve, the closed world of haute couture calls in the geeks

However, this week in Manhattan, the Paris-based atelier Givenchy will be shaking things up a little. The familiar faces of the “frow” will take their places as usual, via a separate entrance, and behind the ranks of stylists and critics will be 200 local fashion students, invited to attend by the label’s creative director, Riccardo […]

10,000 zines and counting: a library’s quest to save the history of fandom

It’s impossible to talk about the history of sci-fi, or modern popular fiction more generally, without talking about fandom. H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and many other seminal authors were shaped by and participated in fandom, whether through letters, early science fiction conventions, or fanzines. Zines were home to some of these writers’ first […]

BBC iPlayer to feature Abbey Clancy and Lianne La Havas fashion shows

The BBC iPlayer is to hit the catwalk in September with three exclusive fashion programmes featuring model Abbey Clancy, singer Lianne La Havas and fashion blogger Grace Victory. Audiences will have unprecedented access to London Fashion Week, the UK’s most important fashion event of the year. For the first time ever, the event is being […]

The four keys to future advertising success

Companies that precisely instrument, capture and analyse user interactions across multiple devices develop a more complete picture of how potential customers interact with their marketing messages. Analytical insights can also be used to more precisely target potential customers and provide brands and businesses with the confidence that their advertising channel mix is yielding the desired […]

Panel beaters: the comic book tech revolution is here

Readers have been promised a revolution in graphic storytelling ever since the dawn of the internet, but this week’s launch of Alan Moore’s Electricomics offers the first glimpse of a new beginning for digital comics. Fans have been reading comics on electronic devices in increasing numbers over recent years, but until now publishers have been […]

What graphic designers think about the Google logo

Google’s seen a lot of changes recently, and the latest came yesterday, when the tech company surprised everyone with their new logo. In one of the biggest changes since 1999, Google’s new logo uses a simpler sans-serif typeface. The new logo had to work well in constrained spaces and maintain consistency across many products, the […]

Contact sheets: where the magic and chaos of photographs comes alive

Henri Cartier-Bresson, co-founder of the famed Magnum agency, once likened the contact sheet to the analyst’s couch. “It’s all there: what surprises us is what we catch, what we miss, what disappears.” Today, the contact sheet has all but disappeared as digital technology has rendered the analogue camera a thing of the past, beloved only […]