The mistake we all make… and the simple experiment that reveals it

Easterners tend to have a holistic perspective on the world. They see objects (including people) in their contexts, they’re inclined to attribute behaviour to situational factors, and they attend closely to relationships between people and between objects. Westerners have a more analytic perspective. They attend to the object, notice its attributes, categorise the object on […]

Oxford’s online Bodleian archive: illumination for all

One way libraries are opening their secret worlds to everyone is by putting some of their most curious or majestic items online. Oxford’s Bodleian, one of Europe’s greatest and oldest libraries, is the latest to do so with digital.bodleian giving users unprecedented opportunities to browse precious volumes and their wondrous illustrations from our armchairs, if […]

Ferguson’s radical knitters: “If someone asks me what I’m doing, I say, ‘I’m knitting for black liberation”

In a coffeehouse on the south side of St Louis, a group of women discuss how to knit, purl and dismantle white supremacy. They are The Yarn Mission, a collective formed in October 2014 in response to the violence and police brutality in nearby Ferguson, Missouri. Read the full story here

Walt Disney Animation Studios Path Tracing Demo

Path tracing is a method for generating digital images by simulating how light would interact with objects in a virtual world. The path of light is traced by shooting rays (line segments) into the scene and tracking them as they bounce between objects. Path tracing gets its name from calculating the full path of light […]

How the arts can help change attitudes to blindness

When non-blind people think of blindness, they tend to think of a tragic, life-limiting condition that reduces people’s interactions with and appreciation of the world. But for me, as for many blind or partially blind people, blindness is not a tragedy; it’s simply a different way of being in the world. Sure, it can be […]