Is there an app for loneliness?

“What we need are solutions that can tackle the reasons people become socially isolated or lonely – things such as decline in physical or mental health, reduced mobility, bereavement, family living at a distance, reduced social networks, perceived lack of social support low participation in social activities,” she states. A good example of such adaptation […]

Inside Industrial Light & Magic’s secret Star Wars VR lab

I’m on Industrial Light & Magic’s motion capture stage, standing inside what they call “the cave.” It’s not much to look at: two big screens angled at 90 degrees, awash in a smeary blur of images. But put on a pair of modified 3D glasses, and bam — it’s the Holodeck, and I’m on Tatooine […]

Did technology kill or save the book?

To hook people into reading, another start-up, Rook, is offering access to free e-books at wi-fi hotspots, such as London Underground stations, participating coffee shops and retailers. “By the time they have to leave and go off about their life”, says co-founder Curtis Moran, “they’ll be so hooked into the book they’re going to have […]

Lovin’ their elevator: why Germans are loopy about their revolving lifts

As the paternoster cabin in which he was slowly descending into the bowels of Stuttgart’s town hall plunged into darkness, Dejan Tuco giggled infectiously. He pointed out the oily cogs of its internal workings that were just about visible as it shuddered to the left, and gripped his stomach when it rose again with a […]

John Cridland: Encourage teenagers to study arts so computer games of the future are not designed by ‘spotty nerds’, says CBI boss – Education News – Education – The Independent

Teenagers should be encouraged to study the arts at school to make sure the computer games of tomorrow are not designed by “a spotty nerd”, the head of Britain’s bosses has said. John Cridland, director general of the Confederation of British Industry, wants a drive to persuade schools to adopt the mantra of promoting “STEAM” […]

Can cities kick ads? Inside the global movement to ban urban billboards

Something seemed strange. Staring out of a hotel window in São Paulo, my eye was caught by an oversized digital display crowning the top of an undersized skyscraper. Steadily flashing the time, then the temperature, the display was incongruous in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was only later, when […]

I went to Speakers’ Corner in London, the spiritual home of Reddit

Contrary to Ohanian’s description, though, people at Speakers’ Corner can’t talk about absolutely anything they like. There are no special laws that apply to the area, and, as in the rest of the UK, inciting violence and any sort of hate speech is illegal. During my half-day there I see plenty of inflammatory arguments — […]