Jonathan Dimbleby urges public to rise up in support of embattled BBC

Dimbleby’s sentiments were echoed this weekend by Frank Cottrell Boyce, the writer behind the most popular recent display of British cultural values, the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. “The UK enjoys a level of influence and soft power well beyond its economic or military weight. This is due almost entirely to the […]

An iPad gave my son with disabilities a voice – and changed his life

Even though Kevin learned many adapted signs, most people he wanted to talk to didn’t know his language. Given how restricted his communication was at the time, a little sadness would sometimes creep into our lives. We knew we had a boy with a story to tell and no way to tell it. Then came […]

‘Mad genius’ no more: the genetic link between creativity and psychosis is pretty weak

For some, the mystery that surrounds creativity is at least partially rooted in the concept of the “mad genius,” a theory that links creativity with conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Take painter Vincent Van Gogh and composer Robert Schumann; some scholars think they both had bipolar disorder, and many have used that as […]

Get married or stay single? Live in the city or country? Dog or Cat? Science has the answers

“Our research shows that when you engage in this kind of voyeuristic usage of the technology, it consistently leads to declines in how good people feel from one moment to the next,” says Kross. “Possibly this is because you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people, and when people post information, it’s usually of good things.” […]

A look back at the first computer art contests from the ’60s: bullet ricochets and sine curve portraits

In any given issue, Computers and Automation devoted equal time to the latest methods of database storage and grand questions about the future of their “great instrument,” but the Computer Art Contest was soon a regular event. A look back through old issues of the journal (available at Internet Archive) shows how the fledgling discipline […]

Publicly funded arts bolster the UK economy, study finds

• Arts and culture is worth £7.7bn in gross value added to the British economy – an increase of 35.8% between 2010 and 2013. • For every pound invested in arts and culture, an additional £1.06 is generated in the economy. • More than one in 12 UK jobs are in the creative economy, with […]

World wide web? Map resizes countries by number of internet users

Each hexagon represents 470,000 internet users and the countries are shaded by the proportion of their respective populations that are online. The little white dot you can see at the top of China, for example, is Mongolia. The map partially reflects population density but it also flags up countries such as India, which is home […]

Someone has edited movies down to just the lines spoken by people of color

Every Single World is a project every bit as imperfect as the Bechdel Test — the fact that Frances Ha has almost no dialogue spoken by people of color isn’t so much an accident fueled by prejudice as it is purposeful discrimination that serves the point of the script. The film is about two entitled […]

This is the tiny computer the BBC is giving to a million kids

The BBC Micro moniker is already familiar to many in the UK, having been used for a series of machines designed by Acorn Computers and released in the country during the 1980s. The comparatively cheap computers helped thousands learn programming skills, and played a part in kickstarting the British video games industry, as coders designed […]