Ladybird books introduce Peter and Jane to hipsters and hangovers

Once famous for its earnest, wholesome books that introduced British children to topics such as space travel, nuclear power and the gunpowder plot, the publisher Ladybird is launching a series of guides to help cynical adults make sense of modern life, from hipsters to hangovers. Embracing the trend for spoof Ladybird editions that juxtapose the […]

The flyaway success of the Ladybird art prank

Elia raised £5,000 through Kickstarter to publish the book, painstakingly replicating the design techniques and printing technology used in the original Ladybird books. As encouragement, she put individual pages out on social media. By the time the first edition of 1,000 books had been released, at £20 apiece, it had gone viral. Retribution was swift, […]

Introducing Albus Silente: Harry Potter in translation

The wizarding world changes yet again when you cast an eye over the Italian translation. Albus Dumbledore inexplicably becomes Albus Silente, despite the fact that almost all the other language versions keep his original name. The French, German and the Finnish are all perfectly content with Dumbledore; not surprisingly, considering it takes its etymological roots […]

Did technology kill or save the book?

To hook people into reading, another start-up, Rook, is offering access to free e-books at wi-fi hotspots, such as London Underground stations, participating coffee shops and retailers. “By the time they have to leave and go off about their life”, says co-founder Curtis Moran, “they’ll be so hooked into the book they’re going to have […]

The Star Wars movies are all being turned into cute Little Golden Books

With new games, shows, and movies all on the way, Star Wars is already ruling 2015. Things are only going to get bigger from here. Disney announced this week that the entire saga is ready to launch, surprisingly, a new series of Little Golden Books for kids. The Star Wars Little Golden Books will soon […]

Girl, 8, strikes blow for equality over ‘boys only’ books

An eight-year-old who asked, “What if a girl wanted a pirate book?” has won a victory for equality, after children’s publisher Scholastic stopped labelling books as “for girls” or “for boys”. Els, from Bounds Green school in London, decided to get in touch with the publisher after spotting the title, Amazing Things for Boys to […]

Traditional books on paper open a new chapter of success

Total spending on print and electronic books increased by 4% to £2.2bn in 2014, according to market data firm Nielsen. Ebooks now account for around 30% of all books published, including almost 50% of adult fiction. But the decline in print is levelling off as migration to ebooks declines. For some in the industry, it […]