The innovators: the LiquiGlide coating that gets mayonnaise out of the bottle

It’s not the mayonnaise that’s new, nor the packaging. The innovation is a coating developed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that sits between the product and the packaging and which works to create a slippery surface that enables the sauce to slide from the bottle. Mayonnaise from the Norwegian foods company Orkla will […]

Manga rows show why it’s still Japan’s medium of protest

The furores underlined manga’s capacity to attract controversy and provoke debate in Japan, where just about everyone has, at some time, delved into a manga comic, book or weekly magazine serialisation. The books alone generate a domestic market worth 280bn yen (£1.5bn). Mass-market titles such as Doraemon, featuring a robot cat popular with children, and […]

Meet Archie Nolan, the donor-conceived detective

Archie Nolan, the main character, is a science-obsessed schoolboy whose world is turned upside down when his teacher tells his class to research their family tree and report back on what they find. That raises the prospect of him revealing what until now he has kept a secret from his friends: that his mum and […]

It’s education, stupid. Or, how the UK risks losing its global creative advantage | Design Council

According to the study, “While Brighton’s creative, design and IT firms grew faster than the local economy and more than 10 times faster than the British economy as a whole, ‘fused’ business grew at more than twice that speed and ‘superfused’ firms grew faster still.” One of the enabling factors that make this sort of […]

Ford looks to geckos to boost the recyclability of its cars

For Ford, cracking the secret of the Tokay gecko toe could mean boosting recycling rates for its vehicles by a full 10%. A gecko toe-inspired adhesive would allow the car manufacturer to better separate the mishmash of plastics and foams leftover after a car is stripped of its metal insides. “If we could separate it, […]

London’s ‘walk the Tube’ map reveals the real distance between stations

if you’re in central London and want to go from Covent Garden to Leicester Square, you might think of jumping on the Piccadilly line. But, in reality, the distance between these two stops is just four minutes on foot. Conversely, if you’re going from London Bridge to Borough (maybe to check out the food market), […]

‘Waterless’ washing machine group raising £40m for expansion

Xeros uses a bead system, which reduces the use of water, energy and chemicals in processes such as washing and clothing manufacturing. The system first emerged from research at the University of Leeds when Stephen Burkinshaw, a chemist at the university, found that certain plastics absorbed stains on clothes. Read the full story here

Comic artist repurposes iTunes’ terms and conditions into graphic novel

The artist told the Guardian he had been working on the side project since November 2014, “because I thought it would be a funny thing to do” while he works on a second Masterpiece volume (“I just did a version of the Marquis de Sade’s Justine in the style of Wonder Woman”) and an adaptation […]