The mistake we all make… and the simple experiment that reveals it

Easterners tend to have a holistic perspective on the world. They see objects (including people) in their contexts, they’re inclined to attribute behaviour to situational factors, and they attend closely to relationships between people and between objects. Westerners have a more analytic perspective. They attend to the object, notice its attributes, categorise the object on […]

How the arts can help change attitudes to blindness

When non-blind people think of blindness, they tend to think of a tragic, life-limiting condition that reduces people’s interactions with and appreciation of the world. But for me, as for many blind or partially blind people, blindness is not a tragedy; it’s simply a different way of being in the world. Sure, it can be […]

Creative young Brits are quitting London for affordable Berlin

The building that houses Agora, tucked away in a small side-street in residential Neukölln, in an old lock-making factory, is easy to ignore. Outside a handful of people in their late twenties and early thirties are milling about, smoking, working on their MacBook Airs, chatting. On the short walk from the front gate to the […]

Russia could ban same-sex emoji under ‘gay propaganda’ laws

Not content with making the country one of the most homophobic places on the planet, Russian authorities are now taking aim at “gay emojis”. According to Izvestia newspaper, the country’s media regulator could ban the characters from social media if an investigation finds they contravene laws intended to prevent gay “propaganda”. The investigation was started […]

Carry on cooking: the crazy culinary world of 1970s and 80s cookbooks

Andrew Webb gets nostalgic for cookery books – and the photography that went with them – from the 1970s and 80s. I am tired of identikit distressed boho-chic cookbooks. They’re all the same: full-colour shots, top down, naturally lit, and faux-rustic in style. Rewind to the 1970s and 80s and there were no rules. With […]

A stitch in time: the very modern world of the Instagram sewing circle

Embroidery is having quite a moment in fashion – and on Instagram – right now, with a growing number of artists and designers posting pictures of their delicate work on social media. The techniques they use tend to be traditional – with embroidery hoops and crewel needles a common feature – but the subject matter […]

Students get new video games course

“We are looking for a new type of artist, who understands science and physics – or at the very least has an understanding of what can be done with hardware and software. It’s very difficult to find staff with the right skills,” Mr Franklin says. His own background is in fine arts and video game […]

Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data

In the 1800s it was the Luddites smashing weaving machines. These days retail staff worry about automatic checkouts. Sooner or later taxi drivers will be fretting over self-driving cars. The battle between man and machines goes back centuries. Are they taking our jobs? Or are they merely easing our workload? Read the full story here