How politicians learned the power of the gentle nudge

One nudge they are particularly proud of is an intervention encouraging black and minority ethnic (BME) people to apply to become police officers. One big hurdle appeared to be an online “situational judgement test” – 60% of white applicants successfully completed it but only 40% of BME. So the recruitment letter was changed. Before the […]

The Lego prosthetic arm that children can create and hack themselves

Designed with Lego’s Future Lab, the Danish toy company’s experimental research department, and Cirec, a Colombian foundation for physical rehabilitation, the modular prosthetic incorporates myoelectric sensors that register the activity of the muscle in the stump and send a signal to control movement in the attachment. A processing unit in the body of the prosthetic […]

Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies | Jordan Kisner

It is a central principle of sound editing that people hear what they are conditioned to hear, not what they are actually hearing. The sound of rain in movies? Frying bacon. Car engines revving in a chase scene? It’s partly engines, but what gives it that visceral, gut-level grist is lion roars mixed in. To […]

Craft Fairs UK – Craft Pricing Calculator App

Calculating the right price for handmade products can be tricky, we’ve made it easier with our free craft price calculator. Simply enter the total cost of the materials you used, the number of handcrafted items you made and how long they took to make. To charge a fair price you need to set an hourly […]

Nike’s ingenious new zipper helps people with disabilities

Nike’s latest high-top sneakers look as flashy as any in its line-up, but they’ve got a secret power. The Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease (above) was designed specifically for people with disabilities, and incorporates a wraparound zipper system that lets wearers peel open the shoe with one hand, slipping their foot in with ease. It should […]

Ad tech is killing the online experience

Web-based articles, these days, are increasingly an exercise in pain and frustration. In many ways, the experience of reading such things is worse today than it was in the early days of dial-up internet. Because at least back then web pages were designed with dial-up users in mind. They were mostly text, and even if […]

How technology will fill your shopping basket

Fashion retailers see hi-tech as the future too. The Burberry store on London’s Regent Street uses digital chips in jackets and handbags that convert so-called magic mirrors into video screens, displaying digital information about the products you’re trying on. The next generation of these mirrors will let you see yourself in different colour combinations of […]