More thoughts on digital design education

I was invited to share my thoughts on digital design education over on Medium as a contribution to the Interaction Design Education conference being held at the end of the month in Helsinki. It’s a more considered response to the original article that sparked all this off – this time with some rather interesting facts […]

US road signs ditch new font for old

The Verge reports on changes to road signs in the USA: Unless you’re a typography buff, you might not have noticed the new font that’s been popping up on highway signs over the past decade. It’s called Clearview and it’s been around since 2004. For much of its life, researchers (including its designer, Meeker & […]

No, digital design education isn’t ‘broken’

I was a pretty mediocre graphic designer. It turns out I was a much better teacher of design than I ever was a practitioner. And you know what? I’ve met many practitioners who are shit hot at what they do, but couldn’t teach a monkey to throw its own faeces. There is absolutely no correlation between ‘real world’ experience and teaching ability.

Fearless polymaths: irrelevance and creativity

The worst thing that ever happened to universities was when someone had the bright idea of creating disciplines, instead of allowing students to explore a range of subjects. Education is supposed to broaden the mind. Now it narrows it.

Creative industries contributed £84bn to UK economy in 2014

A report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published yesterday says the Creative Industries grew twice as fast as the rest of the British economy. The Guardian reports: One of the areas of strongest growth was in film, TV, video, radio and photography, which rose almost 14%, second only to architecture and graphic […]

Maynards and Bassetts unite to form new “adult candy” brand

Maynards and Bassets, two venerable British brands of sweets, have merged into ‘Maynards Bassets’ – not the kind of mouthful that gets you salivating. The new packets look good, but that name and logo (or ‘plaque’ as it’s known) looks a bit heavy to me. Not as heavy as the bizarre language used to describe […]

The Cinematic Portrayal of Graphic Designers in Film & Television

Pretty telling. I think Colin from Eastenders (also known as ‘gay Colin’ because back in those days, having a gay character on TV was still somewhat cutting edge) was the first ‘graphic designer’ I’d seen represented on TV. It seemed quite cool. He had grey walls in his flat, black ash furniture everywhere, was noticeably […]

This LG fridge opens for you automatically – all life’s problems solved

Watch this on The Scene. Great news from LG. They’ve finally solved one of life’s biggest problems: LG’s new fridge has two big features. The first is the door itself, which now has what LG calls its Knock-On feature, which allows you to simply knock on the door to reveal what’s inside. Put more simply: […]