Digital images can’t be trusted, says war photographer Don McCullin

Don McCullin, one of the world’s finest photographers of war and disaster, said the digital revolution meant viewers could no longer trust the truthfulness of images they see. He said photography had been “hijacked” because “the digital cameras are extraordinary. I have a dark room and I still process film but digital photography can be […]

Museum ‘Bans’ Cameras And Asks Guests To Sketch Art Instead

the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has come up with a masterpiece of a campaign called #Startdrawing that encourages guests to sketch rather than snap pictures of its works of art. The Rijksmuseum hasn’t outright banned the use of cameras or mobile phones on its premises, but it has strongly discouraged it by displaying an image of […]

The fight against sexist stock photography

think the peach needs to be shinier,” Bustle editorial director Isla Murray tells Dawn Foster, a staff graphic designer who has been slowly sucking a piece of fruit for the last several minutes. “Should we spray it with water? Or something else? How do we make it look more provocative?” Murray and Foster, along with […]

Advocating for Ethical Photos

A year ago Reboot shared their principles for “a more empathetic approach to taking and using photos.” It’s admirable to see an NGO take this step, but even more so how they acknowledged in their recent post that it’s been “surprisingly hard to operationalize these guidelines consistently.” Lauren Gardner writes: A camera is obtrusive. Before […]