The UK craft sector isn’t a ‘hipster’ economy. It’s sparking innovation | Rosy Greenlees | Opinion | The Guardian

  The craft and making sector has created the basis for the disruptive collaboration that led to breakthroughs such as 3D printing, the application of prosthetics in surgery, and the design of the wearable technologies set to revolutionise our clothing. Craft and making can be artisanal but the myth swallowed by policymakers is that it […]

Creative industries contributed £84bn to UK economy in 2014

A report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published yesterday says the Creative Industries grew twice as fast as the rest of the British economy. The Guardian reports: One of the areas of strongest growth was in film, TV, video, radio and photography, which rose almost 14%, second only to architecture and graphic […]

The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t – The New York Times

Take a look at your own media consumption, and you can most likely see the logic of the argument. Just calculate for a second how many things you used to pay for that now arrive free of charge: all those Spotify playlists that were once $15 CDs; the countless hours of YouTube videos your kids […]

Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data

In the 1800s it was the Luddites smashing weaving machines. These days retail staff worry about automatic checkouts. Sooner or later taxi drivers will be fretting over self-driving cars. The battle between man and machines goes back centuries. Are they taking our jobs? Or are they merely easing our workload? Read the full story here

The invisible network that keeps the world running

It’s been just over 45 years since the Apollo Moon landings, and some would have it that we are failing to build big anymore; that we’ve since become too fascinated with the small, too impressed by our tablet computers, games consoles, and smartphones that we don’t invest in grand, world-changing engineering projects. Stand on the […]

Publicly funded arts bolster the UK economy, study finds

• Arts and culture is worth £7.7bn in gross value added to the British economy – an increase of 35.8% between 2010 and 2013. • For every pound invested in arts and culture, an additional £1.06 is generated in the economy. • More than one in 12 UK jobs are in the creative economy, with […]

Inflation basket of goods highlights seven decades of changing UK lifestyles

In 1947, the Ministry of Labour and National Service began recording the prices of a “typical” shopping basket to help calculate inflation. As the prices of the various items in the basket change over time, so does the total cost of the basket. Each year, the basket is updated and new products and services are […]