How to achieve brand visibility: “A great design isn’t great if no one sees it”

What is it that makes a logo of an apple with a bite out of it appealing? And how does a brown, fizzy drink stir connotations of nostalgia? Associating emotions with products is a driving force for a brand’s success – and this recognition is often achieved through the design and marketing. But a pretty […]

An insight into The Guardian’s newly released brand guidelines

“When Alex Breuer [The Guardian creative director] and I joined The Guardian just over two years ago we were faced with the task of unifying a myriad of different styling, typographic patterns, colour theory and grammar that through various iterations of The Guardian had weaved itself into the tapestry of our design vernacular,” explains Chris […]

The future of brands in a post-human world

Much of our communication is now computerised. So many of our services that we enjoy for free and with spontaneity are served to us via an algorithm. By 2020, it’s predicted that the internet of things will be present in about 30bn devices and there will be more machine-to-machine communication taking place than human-to-machine communication. […]

The red-hot history of the word ‘brand’

“Identity” and “reputation” are Latin – worthy but a little stuffy. Brand is English and hits the spot for both meanings with its sense of a mark burned on someone or something. Since Anglo-Saxon times it has meant first “fire” and then a stick or other article lit from a fire. Wycliffe’s Bible translation of […]

Back from the brink: five successful rebrands and why they worked

It was up to chief executive, Steve Jobs, to turn the company’s fortunes around. His most important move in his mission to revamp Apple’s naff image for a new generation of tech lovers, was to launch a clever advertising campaign called “Think Different”. The drive challenged customers to see Apple as a lifestyle choice which […]

World Cup sponsor logos redesigned to protest labor abuses in Qatar

Qatar has come under intense criticism in the lead-up to the 2022 World Cup, amid reports that new stadiums and luxury hotels are being constructed under labor conditions that amount to modern-day slavery. Nepalese workers, who comprise about 20 percent of Qatar’s migrant labor force, were dying at a rate of one every two days […]

The seats where Tories weren’t blue and Labour wasn’t red

The UK’s political parties are closely identified with particular colours – but in some parts of the country they traditionally fought under quite different shades. Three candidates gather on a podium. Each wears a coloured rosette. So far, so humdrum. Except that here it’s the Conservative wearing red, Labour’s candidate in green and the victorious […]