Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse

Ad Age on ad blocking Advertisers and their agencies should voluntarily abandon the most upsetting forms of digital disruption. While autoplay video ads may work in some mobile in-stream environments where a consumer can swipe them off the screen quickly, it may be time to retire autoplay in other contexts. Flashing, blinking intrusive ads also […]

The Fabric of India: Victoria and Albert Museum

I took the opportunity to visit this exhibition at the V&A recently and it is really very good. A far cry from the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in the same rooms last summer. And yet, for all its quiet unassuming nature in many ways this is the more appealing. Less about spectacle and more […]

How to save online advertising

At root is an intrinsically toxic relationship between the three parties to the advertising ecosystem: advertisers, publishers and readers. Advertisers buy publishers’ inventory to sell things to readers, but publishers sell inventory to publishers because they want money, not because they want to help sell products. Readers want to read what the publishers are publishing. […]

The flyaway success of the Ladybird art prank

Elia raised £5,000 through Kickstarter to publish the book, painstakingly replicating the design techniques and printing technology used in the original Ladybird books. As encouragement, she put individual pages out on social media. By the time the first edition of 1,000 books had been released, at £20 apiece, it had gone viral. Retribution was swift, […]

Three Eras of Design Research That Influence Business Today | DesignMind

Innovation characterized the intent of most projects during the great recession of the late 2000s as companies tried to creatively dig their way out of a hole. Most of the solutions were deeply systemic and organizations that began implementing them required a new design-oriented skill set. Business schools took notice, building curriculums around innovation, and […]

How Is Digital Technology Changing London Fashion Week?

Digital presentations have given new designers a route into fashion week which allows them to present their collections at a fraction of the cost that expensive theatrical live shows often spiral into. This has been hugely positive for breaking new talent – and is again where London comes into its own.  Designers like Carri Munden of […]

Forget fashion shops: how designers embraced art exhibitions

According to Nina Due, head of exhibitions at the Design Museum, where the 2014 Christian Louboutin show was the museum’s most visited exhibition (with Hussein Chalayan and Paul Smith close runners-up), the appeal is because “the exclusivity of these brands means they are not accessible to people on the street”. An exhibition opens up their […]

‘If I didn’t finish my rooms in time, I had to work until I did, unpaid’

companies that flourish, including those in the hospitality sector, pay employees relatively well, invest heavily in training and design their operations to encourage employee initiatives Read the full story here

World’s first smog filtering tower goes on tour

Co-designed by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, the seven-metre high tower sucks in dirty air like a giant vacuum cleaner. Ion technology then filters it, before returning bubbles of smog-free air through the tower’s vents. It is able to clean 30,000 cubic metres of air an hour, according to Roosegaarde. Clean air is a precious commodity. […]