The red-hot history of the word ‘brand’

“Identity” and “reputation” are Latin – worthy but a little stuffy. Brand is English and hits the spot for both meanings with its sense of a mark burned on someone or something. Since Anglo-Saxon times it has meant first “fire” and then a stick or other article lit from a fire. Wycliffe’s Bible translation of […]

Can technology make a hearing-centric world more accessible?

On this week’s episode of Top Shelf, you’ll see how Gallaudet University researchers are using motion capture technology and interactive apps to ensure that children who are deaf are exposed to language at an early age. Then, you’ll meet the owner of Digital Media Services — a company that does closed captioning for Hulu, Netflix, […]

Microsoft is turning the iPhone’s camera into a 3D scanner

Microsoft wants the camera on the back of your phone to do more than take 2D photos. A new project from Microsoft’s research lab is turning the average smartphone’s rear camera into a 3D scanner — one that can automatically create 3D models that are supposed to be good enough for printing. In a demo […]

Digital fabrication does away with housebuilding headaches

The company calls its method D-Process, a digital manufacturing system focused on efficiency. “It is about moving things from being made by hand to being digitally fabricated to being produced where no human interference has come in there to add that layer of chaos to it,” Bell said. Moving away from the architectural drawings more […]

This new 3D printed glass looks just like pouring honey

Humans have been making glass in various forms for thousands of years, from glassblowing techniques developed by the Roman empire to the industrial methods of the 1950s, floating molten glass on huge baths of melted tin. One particularly ancient process though, in which molten glass is coiled around a solid core, has been revived with […]

‘Space Jam’ forever – the 19 year old website lives on

Today, the Space Jam site’s popularity has outlived almost everything to which it has been connected. The Fifth Avenue store shuttered in 2001. Both stars of the movie’s stars made forgettable exits in 2003 – Jordan with the Washington Wizards, Bugs with Looney Tunes: Back in Action. And every person directly associated with the site’s […]

The quiet revolution in British housing

It is possible, however, for invention to be applied to housing in less favoured places, and for small groups rather than property companies and world-famous institutions to take the lead. Off Granby Street, in Toxteth, Liverpool, are rows of small houses which the local authority has wanted to demolish at least since the 1980s, when […]

John Cridland: Encourage teenagers to study arts so computer games of the future are not designed by ‘spotty nerds’, says CBI boss – Education News – Education – The Independent

Teenagers should be encouraged to study the arts at school to make sure the computer games of tomorrow are not designed by “a spotty nerd”, the head of Britain’s bosses has said. John Cridland, director general of the Confederation of British Industry, wants a drive to persuade schools to adopt the mantra of promoting “STEAM” […]