This pot won’t let you kill your houseplants

After criticising the LG fridge that opens for you, I’m going to ignore the contradiction of my delight in this new gadget by suggesting it might have excellent applications in agriculture. Or something. I’m a plant killer. I need help. Take my money. On top of watering your plant, the pot does its best to […]

This LG fridge opens for you automatically – all life’s problems solved

Watch this on The Scene. Great news from LG. They’ve finally solved one of life’s biggest problems: LG’s new fridge has two big features. The first is the door itself, which now has what LG calls its Knock-On feature, which allows you to simply knock on the door to reveal what’s inside. Put more simply: […]

Forbes forces readers to turn off ad blockers, promptly serves malware

Shocking (no, not really) news on the adblocking front.  For the past few weeks, has been forcing visitors to disable ad blockers if they want to read its content. Visitors to the site with Adblock or uBlock enabled are told they must disable it if they wish to see any Forbes content. […] What […]

It must suck to be a designer at Lenovo

Spotted on Twitter. You’d think Lenovo would have followed what happened to Samsung when they pulled this cheap stunt. And it is cheap. You might be an Apple hater but I dare you to defend this as in anyway a positive contribution to design, the user experience, or in any way innovative. Remember when your […]

Why car makers still produce life size clay models

  A fascinating look behind the scenes of automotive design by Michael Wayland (Associated Press), and the return of making models out of clay after a flirtation with technology. Twenty-five years ago, as milling and computer-aided design programs transformed the design process, it seemed clay modelers would be all but extinct. Bean counters saw the new […]

Every web designer – and publisher – should read this

Every web designer and site owner needs to read this article by John Allsop on the epidemic of website bloat. To sum up: There is only one honest measure of web performance: the time from when you click a link to when you’ve finished skipping the last ad. Everything else is bullshit. […] Web designers! […]

Instant film and a record player were top sellers on Amazon for the holidays

Apparently, the biggest sellers on Amazon’s US site this Christmas were a turntable and film for an instant camera. Why? The Verge’s Jacob Kastrenakes has a theory: Is it weird that cheap analog products beat out modern alternatives? Kind of. But as someone who ordered a physical book and a pack of film just yesterday, none […]

Ford files patent for rear tire that converts into an electric unicycle

  Ford has patented an invention that allows you to turn the back wheel in to a motor bike. The patent imagines a situation where you’d pull over (or park), lift the vehicle with the help of its automatic jack, remove the tire, and get everything else you need — seat, handlebars, motor, etc. — […]

Hashtag backlash: marketing campaigns that turned into social media disasters

  In the lead-up to Anzac Day, Woolworths launched the commemoration website “Fresh in Our Memories”, a play on the supermarket’s “fresh food people” slogan. People were encouraged to upload war-related photos and tributes to the site, which would automatically add the Woolworths logo and the Fresh in Our Memories catchphrase to them. Using the […]