Seabin – cleaning the ocean one marina at a time

This is a rather clever idea… and really simple. Seabin sucks water in and filters out plastic, fuel and other waste that otherwise floats near the surface. The Seabin project is currently attracting funding via IndieGogo – find out more here.

How to kill a design fairy

(Image spotted on Twitter from Mitch Goldstein) No matter how often I’ve insisted to students otherwise, it’s frightening how often “research” is thought to be “Googling” rather than understanding a problem by thinking about it, exploring the situation (e.g. by watching people or talking to them) and then prototyping. It doesn’t matter what the brief […]

The innovators: this solar table charges your phone without direct sunlight

With an orange-striped surface on its steel frame, a new table from London-based designers Caventou appears to be an ultra-modern piece of furniture for an arty homeowner. A closer look reveals a port on the side where phones can be recharged using power gleaned from solar cells that cover the surface. Rather clever. It’s the […]