I write music as a hobby – I’m self taught so don’t expect anything profound. I don’t pretend it’s any good but I present it here for vanity and posterity.

The Last Goodbye

Lyrics are still in my head.

Full Fathom Five

This was my entry to a competition celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. It’s a setting of Full Fathom Five from The Tempest.

The melody is taken from another work, Three Songs About A Girl I Used To Know (below).

Needless to say, it didn’t get shortlisted but I like it…

Can It Be True?

My entry in to the BBC Carol Competition 2014, a setting of Can It Be True by Susan Hill. Another failure to shortlist, I suspect because of the piano part – I don’t play piano so it’s probably nonsense. But I suppose it could have failed to get anywhere because it’s no good…

Whatever – I quite enjoyed writing it and did it over a single weekend with revisions over the following month.

Comes The Light

Not deterred by my lack of success in the 2015 competition, here’s my entry for the 2016 BBC Carol Competition!

Comes The Light is a setting of a specially commissioned poem by Roger McGough. This time I steered clear of writing a piano part but you know what… I didn’t get shortlisted again! Will I give up? No I won’t! Will I get any better? Er…

Quartet First Movement

I tend to write in four parts with a string quartet just for ease. This is a piece that was always intended to be for quartet and started off with some random doodling in Sibelius. I don’t usually use a MIDI keyboard, just clicking on the staff with my mouse and manipulating notes like pushing clay or paint around.

It’s quite a long piece – I was just experimenting with a few techniques to build it up. There’s lots I’d like to change about it but don’t really have the skill to do it.

Brass Monkeys

I have a feeling I plagiarised this from somewhere so if you’ve heard it before, let me know! Maybe I didn’t – it just seemed to come to me too quickly.

Written during a particularly cold spell of weather, hence the name (we don’t often dip below zero in the UK but we had a few days of it).

Three Songs About A Girl I Used to Know

A long piece this, in three movements (Faith, Hope and Love). It’s designed to be a “writerly text” (to use Barthes’s term) meaning it’s up to the listener to add their own interpretation, rather than guess my meaning (which you’ll never do).


As I said above, I don’t play the piano so I don’t know if this is even playable…

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