The Apprentice should challenge candidates to develop a new Facebook – not flog fish fingers

New contestant Joey Valente, a plumber from Peterborough, tells us in his audition clip: “I imagine myself being a millionaire, because if Richard Branson can do it, if Donald Trump can do it, if the guy from Facebook can do it, then I can do it. They’ve got nothing special about them that I don’t possess.” I know we are meant to laugh – and cruelly – at the candidates, not with them, but after I watched Joey’s preview pitch (his hero is Hugh Hefner), I wasn’t laughing at all. I don’t know how to put this kindly, but “the guy from Facebook” whose name Joey can’t remember (Mark Zuckerberg) is a billionaire because he runs a company that is based on defensible intellectual property – a computer programme he wrote himself. Zuckerberg has built on his first-mover advantage in social media to amass 1.2 billion customers in just 10 years.

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