An insight into The Guardian’s newly released brand guidelines

“When Alex Breuer [The Guardian creative director] and I joined The Guardian just over two years ago we were faced with the task of unifying a myriad of different styling, typographic patterns, colour theory and grammar that through various iterations of The Guardian had weaved itself into the tapestry of our design vernacular,” explains Chris Clarke deputy creative director at The Guardian.

The challenge was to unify all of these elements into a coherent and communicative design language that could be translated by not only the design team but the company as a whole. “It is fundamentally important that we are able to communicate the values and ideas that The Guardian embodies simply, consistently and coherently across our own and third party platforms,” explains Chris. “We are aware that only a small percentage of our readers are inured with its history as a newspaper.”

The brand landscape according to the design team is complex, as the The Guardian’s identity reaches far beyond journalistic and editorial tone of voice, but also trickles down to their other platforms, businesses and sub brands.

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