Space travel for the 1%: VirginGalactic’s $250,000 tickets haunt New Mexico town

The Spaceport is losing an estimated $500,000 per year, according to an investigation by KRQE. Among other maintenance and upkeep costs, the state spends about $3m per year on premiere firefighting services for intermittent rocket testing, despite the fact that the commercial space programs that were supposed to lease the facility have all pulled back their launch plans. New Mexico is not the only state with a horse in the commercial space race; Florida, California, Texas, Virginia have all won bids to feather billionaire’s space dreams with financial incentives. New Mexico just happens to have jumped in with both feet, building a whole facility for VirginGalactic and asking for little in return. State senator George Muñoz, who has described the Spaceport Authority as “throwing money every way the wind blows,” says it’s long past time the state cut its losses and got out of the game.

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