Ad Blocking: The Unnecessary Internet Apocalypse


Ad Age on ad blocking

Advertisers and their agencies should voluntarily abandon the most upsetting forms of digital disruption. While autoplay video ads may work in some mobile in-stream environments where a consumer can swipe them off the screen quickly, it may be time to retire autoplay in other contexts. Flashing, blinking intrusive ads also should be considered grade-school creativity, not worthy of a profession that aspires to cultural significance — and profits from making clients’ brands admired and liked.

I’ve been saying this for some time – the discussion about ad blocking seems to think that readers are the villains here. How dare they want to access content for free?

In actual fact the villains are the advertisers who push out crappy ads for “secrets of a UK mum that doctors tried to silence” or worse. And the publishers who push this stuff on their readers clearly don’t value their audience. It’s time to start giving a shit about what you advertise on your site, and for advertisers to start looking for designers who can create effective and non-irritating ads.

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