Three Eras of Design Research That Influence Business Today | DesignMind

Innovation characterized the intent of most projects during the great recession of the late 2000s as companies tried to creatively dig their way out of a hole. Most of the solutions were deeply systemic and organizations that began implementing them required a new design-oriented skill set. Business schools took notice, building curriculums around innovation, and opened up to lateral thinking while loosening their dependency on analytics. Big companies revived or created design divisions and major strategic consultancies bought design firms to round out their services. Executives and management realized they needed to learn to use design to create differentiated products and services in short order. At this time, Design Thinking is established as a new theory and toolkit for innovation in contemporary business. It gained strong support through the design and business media channels. Signature firms and business schools with design programs — such as Stanford, Harvard, and Northwestern – began to educate business leadership and set the expectation that design is a legitimate way towards inspired, original products and services.

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