Meet the ‘graffiti grannies’ of Lisbon

At one point 90-year-old Santos Costa turns from the wall in frustration – “I don’t have anything more to paint,” she says, asking Seixo Rodrigues to dig around in a pile of stencils to find her another piece. Aida Alves, 76, keeps one arm against the wall, protecting her space as she takes a break. “It’s great fun,” she says, and Olinda Rodrigues, 66, standing beside her, agrees. “The more I paint, the more I want to paint,” she says. “I didn’t really like street art that much before this; I always thought it was just kids making a mess of the walls. But now I understand the history behind it and the way of thinking and I appreciate the artists more.” At 59, Maria Manuela Graça is the youngest of the group. She is already forming plans for the future. “I’ll definitely do it again. There’s a wall in my neighbourhood that’d be great to paint on.’

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