Back from the brink: five successful rebrands and why they worked

It was up to chief executive, Steve Jobs, to turn the company’s fortunes around. His most important move in his mission to revamp Apple’s naff image for a new generation of tech lovers, was to launch a clever advertising campaign called “Think Different”. The drive challenged customers to see Apple as a lifestyle choice which reflected their own individuality. And it worked. Apple is predicted to soon be worth an estimated $1tn. “Steve Jobs took a radical step by ruthlessly focusing on what made people care about them and stopped trying to emulate their competitors,” explains Maxwell. He adds: “If they had just carried on making the same computers at that point, it would have just been an ad campaign. But what they were signalling was a completely different change in tack, a really bold step into a new type of computer. It was about making the idea real through what you say, what you do, what you make. It is not just an empty claim.”

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