The Lego prosthetic arm that children can create and hack themselves

Designed with Lego’s Future Lab, the Danish toy company’s experimental research department, and Cirec, a Colombian foundation for physical rehabilitation, the modular prosthetic incorporates myoelectric sensors that register the activity of the muscle in the stump and send a signal to control movement in the attachment. A processing unit in the body of the prosthetic contains an engine compatible with Lego Mindstorms, the company’s robotics line, which lets the wearer build an extensive range of customised, programmable limbs.

“There had to be a right balance between a playful experience and something functional,” says Torres, who recently won a Core 77 design award for the project. “Something that could allow kids to explore their creativity, something they could be proud of. Sometimes a functional element is everything they need – but at other times it might be a spaceship, a doll’s house, a telescope, a video game controller or a swim fin.”

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