Someone has edited movies down to just the lines spoken by people of color

Every Single World is a project every bit as imperfect as the Bechdel Test — the fact that Frances Ha has almost no dialogue spoken by people of color isn’t so much an accident fueled by prejudice as it is purposeful discrimination that serves the point of the script. The film is about two entitled white women in their insular entitled white world, struggling to become better people in spite of it. But it does well at drawing attention to the still galling absence of non-white people in most of the world’s most successful films — of the 100 top-grossing films from 2007 to 2012, one study found, about 11 percent of the speaking characters were black, while 5 percent were Hispanic, 4.2 percent were Asian, and 3.6 percent were other (or mixed race) ethnicities, despite the fact that non-whites make up about 44 percent of the people who go to the movies, and a much higher percentage of people who exist in the world.

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