Gasworks wonders…

Originally built in the 1850s, the ornate Grade II-listed Gasholder No8 was painstakingly dismantled a few years ago and transported piece by piece to Yorkshire to be restored by specialists. Returned to London, the reconstructed frame will soon encircle a new park and a space for live events designed by Bell Phillips architects and situated on the north side of the Regent’s canal. Morwenna Wilson, an award-winning mechanical engineer – and, fittingly, the great-granddaughter of Brunel – has been appointed to oversee the remaining renovation of the area around King’s Cross station, which was built in his lifetime. Gasholders 10, 11 and 12, known as “the Siamese triplets” because their frames were connected by a common steel spine, are currently being refurbished and will be re-erected around new apartment buildings.

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