When Stephen Fry met Jony Ive: the self-confessed fanboi meets Apple’s newly promoted chief design officer – Telegraph

Design, like food in Britain, used to be something you didn’t talk about. It was flash, faintly unmanly and frankly foreign. Yes, of course a fellow sometimes has to get out a ruler and a Rotring to make a technical drawing which might show how something functional and useful could look. But you don’t go about the place calling it design with a capital D. How pretentious. Emperor’s new clothes. Nonsense. All a bit Danish and weird. Nobody can afford to believe that any more. There was a time when you would hear that Apple’s success was the result of a herd mentality fuelled by chic early adopters, fools who were soon parted from their money. The only fool today would be someone who still believed that this explained the Apple phenomenon.

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