Everything wrong with Game of Thrones Monopoly

There’s free parking — probably because there are no cars. In lieu of murder and / or mutilation, a grump, blue uniform-clad cop will put you in jail. No nudity, a Game of Thrones staple. The dragon egg token lands on House Targaryen but never turns into a dragon. … on a related note, the White Walker token roams free without anyone batting an eye and without first buying the Wall. … also, a direwolf can own property. Maybe that’s not a problem so much as a potential spoiler. Winterfell is the third most expensive property in the game (300) behind only Braavos (350) and King’s Landing (400). Have you seen Winterfell lately? Every player has a stipend. Survive long enough, and you’ll definitely get paid fairly. Game of Thrones Monopoly has a single, unified currency from the Iron Bank of Braavos. There is no mechanism for winning through violence.

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