All Day Long: a Portrait of Britain at Work review – is our labour really working?

Ina, who hasn’t told her boyfriend what she does, is happy for Biggs to use her real name; R, who worked in Pret a Manger for several years, isn’t. R earned £200 a week, which rose to £245 if the store got its weekly bonus. The bonus was dependent on the mystery shopper employed by Pret, observing “passion” in the service when she or he bought an undercover sandwich. If you were the named barista who lost the shop the bonus, everyone else knew about it. At first R did not believe the shopper existed, but then a few times, the bonus was not paid. After that, “from Monday to Monday every single customer that you serve, you have to give your absolute 100%”, R said. “There wasn’t really anywhere to hide.”

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