Boiling point: redesigning the kettle for the 21st century

When Nils Chudy came up with the idea of redesigning the domestic kettle just over a year ago he was struck by how little this vital organ of all kitchens had altered over the years. “Five thousand images, all of the same kettle. Bit of a different shape or bit of a different colour or bit of a different material, but somehow they are all the same,” he said. Along with wanting to change the look of the appliance, Chudy, 24, a designer from Germany, had also become frustrated with the energy waste involved with boiling a kettle when only some of the water is used. The outcome was the Miito, a “kettle” on which you place a cup, mug or jug and heat the liquid inside via a rod immersed in the water (or soup or baby food).

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