Maynards and Bassetts unite to form new “adult candy” brand


Maynards and Bassets, two venerable British brands of sweets, have merged into ‘Maynards Bassets’ – not the kind of mouthful that gets you salivating.

The new packets look good, but that name and logo (or ‘plaque’ as it’s known) looks a bit heavy to me. Not as heavy as the bizarre language used to describe it, mind…

Bulletproof has created a new Maynards Bassetts “plaque” that can sit on the packs. The consultancy describes the new plaque as “a conduit where the intrinsic values of the products tumble in through the top and out again, turning into a wonderful, colourful and dynamic flavour slide that delivers the sweets or characters, such as Bertie, in a dynamic and exciting way.”

Oh dear.

I’m not sure what the thinking is here. It’s supposed to make the sweets (not ‘candy’, thank you) more ‘adult’ but… I’m not sure what’s adult about sticking a corporate logo on a packet of Jelly Babies. I’d have made it much smaller and let the sweets be the branding. ‘Liquorice Allsorts’, ‘Jelly Babies’, ‘Wine Gums’ – that’s what they’re selling.

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