This LG fridge opens for you automatically – all life’s problems solved

Great news from LG. They’ve finally solved one of life’s biggest problems:

LG’s new fridge has two big features. The first is the door itself, which now has what LG calls its Knock-On feature, which allows you to simply knock on the door to reveal what’s inside. Put more simply: knock on the door and the interior lights up to reveal whatever foodstuffs you might have forgotten about. Neat. The second, and probably most important, is the Auto Door feature, which allows the fridge to detect when your foot is nearby to gently open the door. Thankfully, the fridge is smart enough to tell it’s you, and not your wandering pet or baby. Which is good, since no one wants their smart fridge to harm their baby.

Here’s the thing though – if I go to the fridge to knock on the door and reveal what’s inside, won’t the door already have detected I’m nearby and open? Am I the first to point out this obvious design flaw?

Meanwhile, The Guardian tells us:

The World Health Organisation has issued a stark new warning about deadly levels of pollution in many of the world’s biggest cities, claiming poor air quality is killing millions and threatening to overwhelm health services across the globe.

But at least we’ve got automatically opening fridges.

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