What should fashion look like in 10 years?

1920s British news film image of future fashion

Nicola Fumo writing for Racked

Fashion is moving faster than ever — but you knew that. Product turnaround is lightning speed, shipping is nearly instant, customization is the norm, and smart watches know more about our day-to-day lives than our significant others do. In the wake of all this innovation and business-model-upheaval is, unfortunately, some pretty nasty gunk: water and air pollution, unfair labor practices, massive waste. The fashion industry is in a duality: on one hand, it feels like the future is miraculously now, with promise of faster, cheaper, smarter clothes and accessories. On the other hand there are environmental threats and factory fires; the sad badge of being one of the most polluting industries on earth.

An interesting article in which figures from the fashion industry talk about the direction it needs to take. Top takeaways:

  • sustainability and environmental impact
  • ethical manufacturing
  • health
  • embedded technology

Fashion courses should be making this stuff central to their curriculum and I’d be shocked if students weren’t already clamouring for it if it’s not there.

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