Why the Kenwood Chef is heavier than it needs to be – and other design tricks

  Sir Kenneth Grange, who redesigned Ken Wood’s original mixer in the 1960s (and created more besides, from Kodak cameras to Intercity trains), has revealed that he made the appliance with a particularly heavy material to give it a sense of quality. “We read a lot into the weight of things so, when you pick […]

How Ghana’s top fantasy coffin artist has put the fun in funeral

  “People celebrate death in Ghana. At a funeral, we have a passion for the person leaving us – there are a lot of people, and a lot of noise,” says Jacob, 28, who has worked with his father for eight years. Far from seeing their work as morbid, Jacob says the coffins are celebratory […]

The 10 lies ​about Black Friday’s consumerist circle of hell

  Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent. From now until closing time on Christmas Eve, we are destined to fall towards an existential abyss. Some of us are fated to experience an unpleasant altercation with another shopper on Black Friday over the last discounted PS4 in a warehouse on the North Circular. Others […]

ASA bans Heinz Beanz’s Can Song advert for safety concerns

  A Heinz TV advert teaching viewers how to use cans of its baked beans to drum out a song has been banned for being dangerous for children to copy. The commercial, which used the strapline “Learn the #CanSong, featured children, teenagers and adults using Heinz Beanz tins to drum out the rhythm of song. […]

The UK craft sector isn’t a ‘hipster’ economy. It’s sparking innovation | Rosy Greenlees | Opinion | The Guardian

  The craft and making sector has created the basis for the disruptive collaboration that led to breakthroughs such as 3D printing, the application of prosthetics in surgery, and the design of the wearable technologies set to revolutionise our clothing. Craft and making can be artisanal but the myth swallowed by policymakers is that it […]

How managers came to rule the workplace

  Worse was still to come. Employees at the Telegraph recently discovered heat and motion sensors that tracked whether they were at their desks. There was no warning. Employees simply found the devices on Monday morning. They eventually had to Google the brand name to identify what they were. A memo was issued at lunchtime […]

The secret life of a clickbait creator: lousy content, dodgy ads, demoralised staff

  Viral content and clickbait sites are different to your classic startups. They often don’t raise any money, instead generating massive amounts of capital per day by posting other people’s kitschy videos and images while plastering them with countless ads. Instead of planning for the future and diversifying their business model, most rely heavily on […]

Why rewards can backfire

  Here’s a story about a man with a machiavellian genius for psychological manipulation. (It comes from the US educator Alfie Kohn, so I’ll Britishise it here.) This man is elderly and lives near a school. Every afternoon a group of pupils subject him to merciless taunts as they walk home. So he approaches them […]

Folding bike helmet wins James Dyson design award

  Resembling an accordion ball Christmas decoration, the helmet can be flattened, while a honeycomb structure, visible when unfurled, gives it strength. “It is one size fits most,” said Shiffer. “These [helmets] are quite sturdy and the honeycomb stalls are arranged in such a way that they can protect the head from a blow from […]

Are catalogues the future of shopping?

  If buying clothes today is about creating a unique online experience, is The Secret Catalog the future of clothes shopping? The Secret Catalog – a bespoke, password-protected physical and online experience – is the perfect marketing equation of mystery, membership and Instagram aesthetic, to create an experience that feels exciting and special. It’s also […]