Designers Tackle George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words

Have you ever wondered how famed Mac designer Susan Kare might go about designing a pair of pixel art tits, or how ornery ad legend Milton Glaser might handle a design brief that simply read “cocksucker?” Now you can find out, thanks to a new booster pack for the popular party game Cards Against Humanity, […]

Carry on cooking: the crazy culinary world of 1970s and 80s cookbooks

am tired of identikit distressed boho-chic cookbooks. They’re all the same: full-colour shots, top down, naturally lit, and faux-rustic in style. Rewind to the 1970s and 80s and there were no rules. With limited budgets and costly printing technology, cookery books were groundbreaking in their photography, design and layout, if not necessarily their ingredients. Food […]

Jonathan Jones is wrong: museum fees are an abandonment of British ideals

The free admission policy costs approximately £45m to implement. The seven million additional overseas visitors now frequenting these museums spend on average £90 per day to the benefit of the wider UK economy. So, the £315m thus generated far outstrips the cost of the policy. Wider economic analysis of national museums demonstrates that for every […]

How Groningen invented a cycling template for cities all over the world

Traffic lights with rain sensors to give quicker priority to cyclists on wet days … Heated cycle paths so cyclists won’t slip during bouts of frost … This might sound like science fiction to you, but in the Dutch city of Groningen it will soon be everyday reality. The inhabitants of this lively northern university […]

Are we ready to 3D print our own clothes?

Imagine going on holiday with an empty suitcase, checking out the vibe of the hotel bar on arrival, then printing out the perfect dress to match it in your room. Such a delicious possibility could be on offer – one day – thanks to 3D printing. In fact, the work of one fashion student, Danit […]

Uber and the lawlessness of ‘sharing economy’ corporates

As allegedly “innovative” firms increasingly influence our economy and culture, they must be held accountable for the power they exercise. Otherwise, corporate nullification will further entrench a two-tier system of justice, where individuals and small firms abide by one set of laws, and mega-firms create their own regime of privilege for themselves and power over […]

How one hospital protected newborn babies from medical errors — just by changing their wristbands

Right now, babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, often get identification wristbands shortly after their birth with temporary first names such as “Babyboy” or “Babygirl.” And that makes sense, because it allows the hospital to immediately provide a newborn with ID, even if his or her parents haven’t picked out a name. […]

The invisible network that keeps the world running

It’s been just over 45 years since the Apollo Moon landings, and some would have it that we are failing to build big anymore; that we’ve since become too fascinated with the small, too impressed by our tablet computers, games consoles, and smartphones that we don’t invest in grand, world-changing engineering projects. Stand on the […]

The innovators: how tiny amounts of wind energy could light up Africa

The plastic sheets have slivers of bendable filaments that stand up and are moved by gusts of air. The filaments, which are encased in plastic, work using the piezoelectric effect – the ability of some materials to generate a charge in response to pressure. In this case, when the filaments are moved by gusts of […]