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No, digital design education isn’t ‘broken’

2 February 2016 Jonathan 4

I was a pretty mediocre graphic designer. It turns out I was a much better teacher of design than I ever was a practitioner. And you know what? I’ve met many practitioners who are shit hot at what they do, but couldn’t teach a monkey to throw its own faeces. There is absolutely no correlation between ‘real world’ experience and teaching ability.

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Fearless polymaths: irrelevance and creativity

31 January 2016 Jonathan 0

The worst thing that ever happened to universities was when someone had the bright idea of creating disciplines, instead of allowing students to explore a range of subjects. Education is supposed to broaden the mind. Now it narrows it.

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Saving Design Thinking from itself

24 December 2015 Jonathan 0

Sevra Davis writing for the RSA on a danger facing ‘design thinking’  And yet, as more and more businesses, governments and institutions describe themselves as ‘design-led’ ‘design thinking’ is in […]

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How to kill a design fairy

20 December 2015 Jonathan 0

(Image spotted on Twitter from Mitch Goldstein) No matter how often I’ve insisted to students otherwise, it’s frightening how often “research” is thought to be “Googling” rather than understanding a […]

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Students aren’t customers

18 December 2015 Jonathan 0

The latest in the Guardian’s “Anonymous Academic” series covers familiar territory: Last week I sent out the first round of grades for a module and had 12 emails of complaint […]

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Employability v employment

14 December 2015 Jonathan 0

Johnny Rich writing in Times Higher Education (my emphasis): Having failed to introduce differential tuition fees in 2012, the government’s plan B is to allow fee rises for universities that […]